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Blown Glass Paperweights
These photos are examples of the colors and shapes of the paperweights available. Size, color, and shape may differ slightly as these are handmade objects. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
These pieces are made in layers. The interior is made first, by blowing and shaping a colored glass bubble. After this has cooled and hardened a few minutes, it is dipped into the molten clear glass in a 2000 degree furnace and coated. Bubbles or ‘air entrapments’ are caught in indentations and twists and folds made for this purpose in the colored shape. This ‘gather’ is then brought out of the furnace and shaped with wooden cups, or a pad of newspaper soaked in water. The bottoms of the weights are fire polished with a torch, and the finished piece is put into a 925 degree annealing oven to cool overnight. This takes the stresses out of the glass so it will be stable for thousands of years. The pieces are all signed and dated by Toby McGee.

Paperweights are wrapped in tissue and shipped in a gift box, ready to give to a discerning collector, or hard to buy for executive. Thank you for your interest. Questions can be directed to Toby by email or phone.